Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Attacking Horror

It dawned on me I'm not writing a thesis. A full article on all of the Horror movies would be crazy long, AND I don't want to write it that way. Everything I do is in one sitting with a stream of consciousness type thing. I've decided to string this along over a few postings and break up the Genre into sub-genres that help me, not necessarily all of them but the ones I want to do because well, fuck it I can do whatever I want. As of right now, We will only list a few and then when I think of some more I'll add them to the list or....whatever.

1. SciFi / Space
2. Slasher
3. Zombie
4. Monster
5. Psychological
6. Supernatural
7. Nature
8. Realistic.
9. Splatter
10. B Movie / Guilty Pleasures

All of these are capable of being movies that are not scary. Except maybe number 9 but, we will only be looking at ones that are frightening. Also bear in mind that I am not always nostalgic, so classics and remakes will get the same treatment and will have to fight with the simple task of standing up today, this means that generally Hammer Films and Vincent Price probably won't be on any of these discussions.

Sci / Space is up first.

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