Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Dark Knight Rises

We did two of the DC three so lets round it out before I preach to Darren Arronofsky (probably) about How he can salvage a marvel franchise, and perhaps the rest of the MARVEL KNIGHTS.


Tim Burton helped bring him back into the mainstream, and then got all Tim Burtony on it and started the focus on the origin stories of whatever villain was featured in that movie. Joel and Val brought a new attitude and then Joel and George ruined it. I mean ruined it. And I will say it right now, between Keaton Kilmer and Clooney, Kilmer was the best at balancing Bruce and the Bats. Batman Forever also had a sweet soundtrack.

Much like James Bond, Batman has been reborn for the modern era and is awesome now. Going on about how Nolan is great seems pointless because we already know. Here is what I want to see in The Dark Knight Rises:

We already know its not going to be The Riddler. I support this decision wholeheartedly. The Joker is similar enough that back to back it wouldn't be interesting. Grabbing the modern comic Riddler would be nice but that isn't how people perceive him and it would be too difficult and really he isn't the best option out there.

I am going to take a sentence and say that out of all the superheroes out there, Batman has the best collection of villains.

Except Killer Moth.

Nolan also said no Penguin. Good he is silly if he is an actually bird-man type thing.

Bring Ras back? No.

Bring Scarecrow back? YES. He is awesome and Murphy is great. He's been in two already, keep him there. Have some fear gas get in Bruce's face and then have it be ineffective. Bruce goes into a downward spiral going crazy and not knowing why. Turns out its a new batch that is time delayed or some thing. BATMAN IS LOSING CONTROL OF HIMSELF AND DOESN'T KNOW WHY! awesome.

Recast Joker? No. During his upside down monologue in DK I got really sad when I realized it was the last time I would see anything like that from Heath. I mean Really sad. Don't recast him. Lock him in Arkham and leave him there.

Solution? Batman Beyond.

In Batman Beyond there is a gang of called the Jokerz. They try to emulate the prankster himself and cause havoc. We just had the Bats being imitated. Now that he is on the run from the whole city it seems only right that some kids start stirring things up and painting their faces. Citywide panic! Similar to the mutants in Dark Knight Returns. Eventually the people will see that Batman is good and everyone will live happily.

Heres the thing though. This movie is going to be the last in the trilogy, so it better be at least two and a half hours long if not three or else I will be pissed. A three hour movie with just a stupid clown gang? Nope.

I really want Hush in the flick. It would be a perfect fit. I don't want to ruin Hush for you guys if you haven't read about him because it is crazy and he is not a common character. The problem is aspects of his character needed to be introduced in the last film if not the first for a crazy build up. Google him and check out the images. He looks awesome. There is debate about his identity. Debate regarding recent characters in the past movies. He is dark and could help torment Bats during his exile. Oh man it would be so cool. Go out and get the two Hush trades, read them and get back to me. If you haven't read that stuff Skip the blog until you see an ampersand. That is this &.

Ok so you read the books you know who Hush really is. You see what I mean ? Bringing him in and introducing his personal relationships would be a whole movie unto itself, which would be a sad way to end the series because there are some more loose ends that need to be tied up. We can't have flashbacks all the time with Tommy and Bruce, ala Rachel and Bruce in Begins throughout the whole film. The structure would be weird. Although i would love to have the film start exactly the way Begins started almost shot for shot only with Tommy instead of Rachel. Is Hush the Joker, is he Two Face? is he Deadshot (an easy character to introduce: master assassin, sent to kill Batman by the Mob just so long as his costume isn't verbatim out of the comics, he only needs to take up a little bit of screen time)

Batman is going nuts because of the fear gas and thinks he sees Harvey around totally believes he isn't dead flashes of the joker without makeup haunt him, as do Jokerz that look like the real deal Bruce becomes more aggressive and takes solace in his newly returned childhood friend (especially because Rachel is dead) Alfred is feeling alienated, Gordon needs help, Batman almost kills some kid on Halloween and The Scarecrow is laughing at him. Who wouldn't want to see that. The humanity and vulnerability he will have to deal with and accept will be NUTS. I mean he almost killed a kid on Halloween. Fuck man that is rough.

Anyway, Batman cures himself puts on a gas mask like in the underwater themed action figures and punches Cillian in the face. The whole city turns around and loves him again after he turns the Jokerz around and Hush is no longer creating chaos. Deadshot goes to jail and the Mob is without a leader. Cue The Long Halloween. End Credits.

& that would be awesome. That is a shitload for one film and might not work out.

Next Option: Catwoman.
Current Comic Costume Catwoman.

Rachel is dead. Bats is on the run. He hates being Bruce. Throws himself completely into his work fighting the Mob, The Jokerz, Maybe Deadshot, Definitely Scarecrow, A toned down Firefly...
Anyway, He is becoming more Batman and Less Bruce Wayne. He goes to a party and mets Selina Kyle and is totally disinterested. He is patrolling the rooftops and runs into Catwoman stealing from the Roman or something. Totally Twitterpated.

Now he has to grapple with being in love with a criminal and restoring his good name at the same time. Alfred has some words of wisdom, they learn to live and let live. We focus on the Dark Knight's downfall before he can rise again and become accepted 100% by the city.

I guess the point is, Heath Ledger's death was a tragedy and he shouldn't be replaced. Many of Batman's enemies won't work in mainstream film. Solomon Grundy, Killer Croc, Mad Hatter etc. The transition would be hard.

Now we talk about Robin.
I love Robin and he would be cool.
Not until the fourth film.

The relationship the two of them have. Samurai and Apprentice deserves its own journey. Batman needs a focus and also something to lighten him up. He needs some joy in his life. A kid he can share with,
and teach. A child who takes joy in Batman and celebrates how he is doing the right thing with no questions asked. Yes, he has to be a child. A twenty or thirty year old orphan who does Tai Kwon Laundry sucks.

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